Barbiturates (BAR): Seconal (secobarbital)
Barbiturates are another large class of drugs. They are used primarily for controlling epilepsy; some use for migraine relief (butalbital) and drug-induced comas for head trauma (pentobarbital). Examples of Barbiturates include phenobarbital, pentobarbital (used for head trauma) and butalbital (Fiorinal). Most barbiturate positive drug tests are due to prescription use; barbiturates are rarely diverted for illegal consumption. Some countries have heroin cut with phenobarbital.
Drug Class
Trade Names
Alurate (aprobarbital), Amytal (amobarbital), Butisol (butabarbital), Nembutal (pentobarbital), Seconal (secobarbital), Luminal (phenobarbital)
Street Names
Downers, goofballs, barbs, reds, bute, stoppers, yellow jackets, black beauties, M&M's, nembies, rainbows.
Effects Of Use
Exhilaration, sedation, lethargy, stupor, disorientation, respiratory depression, coma.
Approximate Detection Time
Urine: 3 days (phenobarbitol  up to 2 weeks)

Oral Fluid: NA
Urine Cutoff Levels
Immunoassay (screening): 300 ng/mL

GC/MS (confirmation): 200 ng/mL. Labs are limited by the number of barbiturates they identify on their GC/MS analyses
Primary Antigen
Common Cross-Reactants
Possibly Phenytoin which is chemically-related to barbiturates and used for epilepsy.

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