To complement our Drug Testing and Employee Screening products Micro-Distributing offers a complete range of Professional Services to help employers manage their hiring and screening process; client's can utilize any combination that suits their needs. Micro-Distributing serves as a liaison between the company and the labs, collection sites, healthcare professionals, and other agencies. Employees receive confidential and courteous service; companies focus on the results; and Micro-Distributing handles the rest.

By sourcing these important functions to Micro-Distributing, companies gain the following benefits:
  • Rapid response
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Thorough & accurate results
  • Competitive pricing based on aggregate volume of many clients
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Cutting-edge technology access, confidentiality & automation
  • Professional staff
  • Nationwide access
  • Fully customizable programs

Medical Review Officer
The Medical Review Officer's responsibility is to ensure the integrity of the drug test result. Although we offer (and recommend) MRO services for both federal and non-federal test results, review of the federal results is required by law.   Further, some states require MRO for non-federal results.  Please contact us for information about your State Laws.
Medical Review Reporting Procedures
  • The MRO and/or MRO staff contacts the donor of the questionable result to verify any medical explanation. If the MRO is unable to contact the donor within a reasonable time period at the home phone number provided, we will contact the employer for assistance.

  • Daily calls are made until verification is complete.

  • If there is a medical explanation, the donor is required to provide to the MRO and/or the MRO staff in writing, from his physician or pharmacy, his medical explanation within five days. If no medical explanation is provided, the MRO and/or MRO staff verifies receipt of the Chain of Custody copies 1 and 2 for accuracy and reports the result as a verified positive to the employer.

  • DOT requires a 10 day no-contact time frame before verifying a positive result to the employer.  However, if the employer  has documented that the donor has been given contact information for the MRO and has failed to comply with the request of the employer  to contact the MRO within 72 hours, at that time, the MRO can report the result as a “No-Contact” positive to the employer.

Nationwide Collection
Micro Distributing provides access to a nationwide network of over 9,000 collection sites, offering the widest variety of specimen-collection options to choose from in order to make drug testing easier and more convenient.

Collection services are available in two (2) options:   1) at designated collection sites or, 2) through mobile on-site (at the workplace) collection services.
Designated Collection Sites
Our combined nationwide network of full-service collection sites features three (3) options for comprehensive specimen collections for lab-based and instant testing.  This network offers you greater value and consists of the following:
  1. Lab Owned:   Over 4,000 Laboratory owned and operated patient service centers (PSCs), offering the most competitive market pricing available to provide you the best value.   You will be billed for drug-screen collections on your monthly Micro Distributing invoice.

  2. Preferred Network Locations:   Over 875 preferred network collection-site locations.  Favorable fees have been negotiated with these preferred sites to provide collection services to our clients who are not located near a lab owned PSC.  You will be billed for drug-screen collections on your monthly Micro Distributing invoice.

  3. Third Party Sites:  If you are unable to find a convenient site within the lab owned or preferred network and extended network of over 5,000 third-party collection sites provide additional sites for collection services.   These sites are market priced to provide you with additional and cost-effective alternatives.   You will be invoiced directly by the third-party collection site for drug-screen collections at these locations unless Micro Distributing is contracted to manage your collection network.
Mobile On-Site Collection Services:
If you prefer, on-site collection services (at the workplace) are available for urine, saliva, and hair specimen collection; on-site breath alcohol testing is also available.  
Collection Service Features:
The following specialized collection options are available to support your company's needs:
  • Urine testing for drugs of abuse.
  • Saliva testing for drugs of abuse.
  • Hair testing for drugs of abuse.
  • Breath testing (Breathalyzer) for alcohol.
  • DOT and non-DOT physicals.
  • Observed specimen collection available.
  • Nationwide 24-hour mobile, post-accident or reasonable-cause collection network.
Self Collection Training Programs:
Micro Distributing also offers training programs for urine, oral fluid, and hair collection training and certification.

For more information on collection services, contact a Micro Distributing Sales Representative.

Random Selection
Donors can be placed in easy to manage pools, which can be uploaded from excel files and randoms can be selected based on a percentage or number. Click here for more information about random selection.

Dept. of Transportation
Our Full Compliance DOT Program Includes: 
  • SAMSHA Certified Laboratory Analysis
  • Medical Review Officer Services
  • Computer Generated Random Selection
  • Record Keeping
  • Quarterly / Annual Lab Summaries
  • 24 hr. Turnaround on Normal Negative Test Results
  • Substance Abuse Professional Referrals upon Request
  • DOT Policy Development
  • Employee and Supervisor Training
  • Free Supplies
  • Collection Site Network of Over 19,000 Sites Nationwide
  • Toll Free Customer Service
  • Breath Alcohol Testing

Industry Service Capabilities:
  • Trucking Industry / DOT
  • Pipeline Safety
  • Coast Guard
  • Federal Railroad Administration, DOT
  • Federal Transit Authority

Micro-Distributing offers comprehensive, flexible training programs designed to meet your training needs and to help you keep compliant with federal and numerous state requirements.

For your convenience Micro-Distributing offers the following competency-based training online:
  • On-site instant drug test kit training
  • Urine, Hair, and Saliva collection training
  • Employee and Supervisor training

Pease contact us to discuss your specific training needs.

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